About Me


My focus is in fine art and photography. I specilize in art reproduction, studio photography, documentary, portraiture and photo retouching. I am happiest reading a book or inside a museum or art gallery looking at everthing from painting to conceptual art. I espcially enjoy working with artists and craftsman to create high resolution digital copies of their artwork, collaborating with local companies and arts orgainzation to document their events and working with clients to create relaxed flattering portraits.  

After graduate school In 1988 I started working as a photo editor and photo researcher for highly regarded cultural publications in NYC. In 2008 I moved to Boulder, CO to get married. Since then I have free-lanced as a commercial photographer and have exhibited my photo based artwork regionally in multiple venues.  

***I can photograph most artworks up to four feet wide or tall in my studio- with the exception of shiny oil paintings! I can refer you to people who shoot glossy oils in Boulder. I can also shoot on location.